Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Everything You can imagine is real.

Everything You can imagine is real.

The cave man imagined,out of need or fantasy.
We got the first stone tools. And then monarchies and kingdoms. The ancient craftsman imagined God. We got a Sanchi, an Ajanta, an Elephanta.

Voltaire, Rousseau imagined liberty and equality. The world got a French revolution.

But there is also a dichotomy. The medieval papacy imagined the earth to be the centre of the universe. It were Galileo and Copernicus who showed the world, the real. Remember imagination is Marx. Real is a Stalinist Russia.

Either you make your imagination, your world, and live in it.
Or make the world, with your imagination, and live forever.
Your choice writes history.


  1. Interesting! I prefer the first choice actually. Whereas it'd be wonderful to use my imagination to try and change the world, that'd just be using imagination in reality. As a writer, I prefer living in my imagination, wandering through it and making a world there. It breaks the monotony of the world around me :)

    1. I imagine, as the writer, the potter, the poet and the sculpture.
      I live in it, as if it were my abode in this crazy world.
      Then, I create, and make it real, my imagination.
      And then I and my creation,
      make the world, change the world
      and live forever.

      Meet my imagination.
      You'll fall in love.
      For it is real.

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  3. Mind is funny... I can't distinguish between imagination and reality.. So many a time even when we live in imagination it helps and impacts our reality..

    Well written Gazal...

    I am here:


  4. So true we have destiny in our hands.....excellent response to this prompt....