Thursday, June 4, 2015

I imagine, I create the real.

I imagine, 
as the writer, the potter, the poet and the sculpture, the painter, the engineer, the graphic designer...
I live in it, my imagination
as if, it were my only abode, only refuge
in this crazy ever changing world.
Then, I create, 
and make it real, my imagination.
And then I and my creation, 
make the world, change the world
and live forever.

Meet my imagination.
You'll fall in love.
For it is real.

photograph borrowed from


  1. It really is wonderful to create in our minds isnt it?
    Enjoy the journey...

    1. indeed. thank you. keep interacting.:)

  2. tu ne jaane se pehle
    mujhe ek musa hua sa purza diya tha
    jisme tu ne ek adhuri kavita likhi thi
    humari kahani kahi thi
    padh ke jo mera aansu gira tha mitti mein
    wahan ek ped ug aaya hai
    uske phal chakhna kabhi
    bade raseele hote hain

    I think your poetry is just breath-taking. Please keep sharing! :)